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Learn about mechanical assembly while building your very own lightsaber from scratch! Make it, take it!

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Maurice Womack

Engineer, educator, entrepreneur

Erica Womack, Ph.D.

Educator, STEM equity specialist, entrepreneur

Our students have enjoyed building drones, creating models with legos, and constructing light sabers! Because of the hands-on opportunities and engaging activities, our students look forward to OASIS each week.

Lindsay Hershberger

Program Manager, After-School All-Stars Ohio

Is there STEM today? This is the question I hear every Thursday. When I say yes, the eyes of our students light up. “I love to build robots,” one said. “I liked making the light saber,” another stated. “Flying the drone was fun.” STEM is a great asset to programming at Directions For Youth and Families, Crittenton Center. There is never a dull moment.

LaSandra Dent

After-School Supervisor, Directions for Youth and Families

This collaborative effort is essential in the Second Ward community of the City of Delaware. We experienced a success story from collaborating with SIMPLR in the past two (2) years. Our students have learned a lot from your organization’s mentorship.

Tajudeen Bakare

Director of Educational Programs, Second Ward Community Initiative (SWCI)

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